• Fixed a problem where OSCulator would stop input processing after changing the current preset.



  • Fixed a problem where saved documents would open with all events set to MIDI channel 1.

OSCulator 2.10.6


  • Motion Plus processing is now an option (disabled by default) to avoid compatibility problems with Wiimote Plus devices. To use the Motion Plus device, please check the “Motion Plus” button in the Wiimote Drawer. This change also allows Wiimote Plus devices to use extensions like DJ Hero, Drums, and Classic Controller.
  • Made it so that when a OSC Routing’s memo is changed in the parameters window, the string would be updated in the main window as well.
  • Fixed problems happening when editing AppleScript.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when sending a key combo on Snow Leopard.
  • Various reliability enhancements.
  • And also, in the Samples Library:
    • Added a set of OSC Routes for direct use with the application Luminair.
    • Added new samples for TouchOSC (XY and Rotary Reset, MacOS Volume control).

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Luminair for iPad

Luminair for iPad is an innovative, advanced DMX lighting controller over Wi-Fi.

The user interface is really gorgeous but most of all, it has been thought and designed for the lighting engineer. It comprises a large range of presets for DMX lighting systems from Clay Paky to Vari-Lite.

I am not an expert in DMX lighting but my experience reveals that using this application was easy, and powerful at the same time. A very nice feature is the ability to control Luminair using OSC or MIDI messages over the air. Here is a demonstration of how to control Luminair using TouchOSC on an iPhone or a Wiimote controller with OSCulator:

I have created a set of OSC Routing for direct use within OSCulator. If you are using a Wiimote for example you can easily select the appropriate OSC Routing to activate a cue, change the current stack or the color components of a track. You can download the files here, they also will be made available in the Samples Library in the next update.

Traktor & Wii DJ Hero Tutorial

The Poor DJ has made a very nice video tutorial showing how to control Traktor using a Wii DJ Hero controller. He has also kindly made available his setup files.

Download DJ Hero – Traktor OSCulator template (contains a oscd file for OSCulator and a tsi file for Traktor)