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 =?==== General FAQ ====== =?==== General FAQ ======
-??? How can I contact the author of this software?+??? How can I get support on OSCulator? 
 +!!! The recommended way of asking for help is [[https://​​forum|through the community'​s forum]].
-!!! If you need support on how to use OSCulatorthe recommended way of contacting the author is [[http://​​forum|through the community'​s forum]]. ​ You will receive a quick answer that will also benefit to all the users that could come across the same question. +If you require privacyor have a more specific request, you can also send an e-mail ​to Camille (camille at osculator dot net).
-If you have a more personal query, you can also send an email to Camille (camille at osculator dot net)+
- +
- +
-??? Is there a Windows version and if not, are there plans to make one? +
- +
-!!! Osculator is only available on Mac OS X (10.4 and higher), this means it doesn'​t run on Windows. +
-However, the idea of porting the application to another platform is not excluded. +
-This currently considered as a long term project that would target the next major version of Osculator.+
 ??? How do I completely uninstall OSCulator and its components? ??? How do I completely uninstall OSCulator and its components?
 !!! Please follow these instructions:​ !!! Please follow these instructions:​
-  - Launch OSCulator and open the Preferences,​ click on the Inputs ​tab +  - Launch OSCulator and open the Preferences,​ click on the Outputs ​tab 
-  - Uncheck the "Enable Perfect Pairing ​extension"​ box, this will uninstall the kernel extension ​;+  - Uncheck the "Install the Virtual Joystick kernel ​extension"​ box ;
   - Quit OSCulator ;   - Quit OSCulator ;
-  - Delete the following ​folders ​if they exist: +  - Delete the following if they exist: 
-      * ''/​Applications/​OSCulator ​ƒ''​ +      * ''/​Applications/​''​ 
-      * ''/​Users/''//<​your user name>//''/​Library/​Application Support/​OSCulator''​ +      * ''/​Users/''//<​username>//''/​Library/​Application Support/​OSCulator''​ 
-      * ''/​Users/''//<​your user name>//''/​Library/​Preferences/​net.osculator.OSCulator.plist''​ +      * ''/​Users/''//<​username>//''/​Library/​Preferences/​net.osculator.OSCulator.plist''​ 
-      * ''/​Users/''//<​your user name>//''/​Library/​Preferences/​net.osculator.OSCulator.LSSharedFileList.plist''​+      * ''/​Users/''//<​username>//''/​Library/​Preferences/​net.osculator.OSCulator.LSSharedFileList.plist''​
       * ''/​Library/​Application Support/​OSCulator''​       * ''/​Library/​Application Support/​OSCulator''​
 +??? OSCulator creates OSC routings automatically from received MIDI input, What do "​bref"​ and "​uref"​ exactly mean?
 +!!! Short answer: you should not use them manually and therefore they are not documented.\\
 +These are internal routing arguments to handle the case of bi-directional routing with message having multiple arguments.
 +They are used when an OSC message with at least 2 arguments are configured with two MIDI CC.  When the MIDI host replies, the received message (/​midi/​ccXY/​Z) only have 1 argument. ​ Therefore, in order to send the correct message back to the OSC device, we must build a OSC routing for each MIDI CC that will use and/or update the current values of the OSC device.
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