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 +=?==== MIDI FAQ ======
 +??? What is the IAC driver and how can I use it?
 +!!! The IAC (Inter-Application Communication) driver provides a set of virtual MIDI input and output ports that can be used to pipe MIDI data between applications of a computer.
 +Most of the time you don't need it because OSCulator already provides a virtual MIDI output "​OSCulator Out" and one virtual MIDI input "​OSCulator In (xxxx)"​ ((where xxxx stands for the OSC input port number of the window)) for each window. ​ However some applications are not compatible, and the IAC driver needs to be used.
 +To activate it, launch Audio MIDI Setup (found in /​Applications/​Utilities),​ then show the MIDI Window (from the Window menu), then double click the IAC icon, and in the new window, click "​Device is online"​.
 +Once the IAC driver is activated, you need to tell OSCulator to receive or send data from/to the IAC driver. ​ To do this, we will activate the IAC driver in the list of MIDI inputs and outputs. ​ Go to OSCulator, open the Parameters window, click on the I/O tab, and in the MIDI Input drop-down menu, activate the "IAC Driver Bus 1" to the list.  To send data from OSCulator to the IAC driver, do the same operation using the MIDI Output drop-down menu.
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