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MIDI Input


OSCulator is able to receive MIDI messages from the virtual interfaces it publishes when a document is opened.

For each opened document, a new MIDI virtual interface is created and is named “OSCulator In (nnnn)” where nnnn is the OSC input port number of the document. For example, if the input port is 8000, then the MIDI input will be named “OSCulator In (8000)”.

Types of received MIDI messages

The MIDI Input can currently process these MIDI messages:

  • Control Changes
  • Notes
  • Clock

As soon as a MIDI message is received, OSCulator displays it in the messages list.

iPhone and iPod Touch

TouchOSC and OSCemote users that would like to use OSCulator as a MIDI gateway, there is a small tutorial here that explains how to configure the software with Ableton Live.

OSCulator receives MIDI messages from the DAW application and automatically routes them back to the handheld device.

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