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    i've got the spacetraveler controller from 3dconnexion, which is basically spacenavigator with 8 buttons instead of two and a really nice leather hard case. osculator doesn't recognize it, but i still can use in in any other software working with HID devices, like junxion or controllermate...

    so first i thought to request for specific device support(shouldn't be hard to implement, just another device ID and eight buttons instead of two), but then i caught myself on thinking:'hey, why there's no HID protocol support as such in osculator?' i mean, it would be cool to be able to use any controller like joystick gamepad or whatnot with the same soft i'm using for wiimote and wacom, without need to buy another piece of software...


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    Thank you for your suggestion!
    The last few months, I have collected a good number of HID enabled devices and I am working on this as part of the next major revision.


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    Save face with the Navigators

    Quote Originally Posted by camille View Post

    Thank you for your suggestion!
    The last few months, I have collected a good number of HID enabled devices and I am working on this as part of the next major revision.


    How is that coming along Camille? I just make a post in the 3DConnexion forum with a similar question to them. I mentioned that my powermate has more mappable functionality as opposed to the navigator. I can map parts of the navigator to certain keys or key combos, and then link them in Final Cut, After Effects, & other basic applications, but the overall 3D abilities haven't not been able to translate properly. I feel your software is more likely to solve the limited application use of the navigator, than 3D connexion.

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    Hi Cornelius,

    First a word about the potential major update:

    I started a major rewrite last year with another developper, with the goal to support more native devices, like HID based devices. Unfortunately this project did not found any conclusive outcome. I also felt that the current version did not met its full potential, and more importantly did not have a proper documentation. Along with the updates that were released last year, I also worked on a brand new PDF manual that took a lot of time to complete.

    Now, I am still actively working on finding solution that will make it easier to map devices to events. Getting access to devices is not the hardest part, I already has some success with a number of HID based devices that I use for my research work. What interests me most for this major update is to find a good solution to the mapping problem (i.e. how to translate devices control values into user specified events, and have a proper bi-directional communication), though I am not yet satisfied with what I have to date.

    One on the benefit of the work I did last year on HID device has been the ability to quickly support the the newest Wiimotes sold by Nintendo and incorporate this knonwledge into the latest beta (version 2.12). So, although I am not ready to ship anything in the forseable future, things are moving in parallel, and this research work helps me test ideas that eventually come to life.

    Now about your question:

    I am not sure to fully understand your message about the SpaceNavigator because OSCulator already supports the classic SpaceNavigator. What model are you using, is it the same as the OP mentionned (SpaceTraveler) or is it another model? You can also use the PowerMate through a little tool that complements OSCulator (

    FYI, I have recently ordered a SpaceNavigator for notebooks to see if it properly supported in OSCulator.

    Best Regards,


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