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Thread: osculator for windows

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    osculator for windows

    I read a post somewhere that there might be a version of osculator for windows soon.

    Is there one?

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    This will be announced when it will be available.
    Development only started in lae december, so it won't be soon, but I can tell I am actively working on it!

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    Where is Osculator for Windows?
    Already 2011-08

    I do not like apple production and I do not want to buy expensive mac PC.

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    Dear ems,

    Every day, I am working on a project that involves rewriting a new version of Osculator. This is not just a Windows port, but a whole new application that must integrate user feedback I received in the last 4 years. I want to find the good balance between an easy to use interface and advanced features. This is "Reasearch & Development" work, it takes time, it can make you obsessive.

    As you can see, the current version is being maintained an enhanced (as it has always been). My number one priority is to give the best support on earth for paying customers. For example, the user's manual is being rewritten as a book that will be built-in the application instead of the current online wiki. Writing this manual is very important because it helps me challenge the design of the future application by comparing it to what is existing.

    Finally, during the past months, I have noticed things have evolved a lot in the field of OSC, so I feel I must continue to observe the changes and avoid to code something that could become obsolete very quickly.

    I appreciate you express the wish to use Osculator on Windows, but I don't remind I promised a release date. So, given the enormous amount of work waiting for me, I think will not rush and more espcially not listen to date reminders, carrying on my job at my pace.

    Best Regards,

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    Thumbs up

    Thank you for the answer. I understand.
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    any word on a Windows build?

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    Sorry function, there is nothing to communicate about.
    (if you have any specific need, I am interested to hear from you, so you can send me an email to camille at osculator dot net.)

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    Hi camille,

    Is a Windows version still under consideration / spare time development? I will be interested to alpha or beta test anything you may have "half-baked".

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    Hi etl17,

    Thank you for you kind support. I am sorry but I can safely say that there will be no port of OSCulator on Windows.
    I have invested a lot of time and effort to make it happen on Windows, even hired someone to help me, but given the limited amount of time and resources available, I eventually had to come to the conclusion that this idea of a port on Windows would not be feasible.



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