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Thread: Free Traktor / TouchOSC Layouts (iPad & iPhone) - Novation Dicer Emulation

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    Free Traktor / TouchOSC Layouts (iPad & iPhone) - Novation Dicer Emulation

    Just wanted to share these:

    This is a layout for iPhone based on the Novation Dicer with the DJ Tech Tools mapping:

    with a video of it in action here:

    This is one for the iPad which has similar functionality:

    Any feedback, comments or suggestions for improvement welcomed
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    Love the dice layout, so LV …
    Thanks for posting this!

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    how to get it working? :S I can sync it and everything, but with this template my traktor wont work with my iPad anymore :S

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    Please ask your question to the template author.
    This template doesn't need OSCulator.

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    At the time of posting this originally, it required OSCulator to run. However, since the release of TouchOSC v1.7, it is no longer required as TouchOSC outputs MIDI messages directly.

    If you need support, please visit:


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