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Thread: Full kyma to osculator manual ?

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    Full kyma to osculator manual ?


    I've chased down forums and on SSC but there doesn't seem to be a complete updated manual for routing Osculator to Kyma. Some posts seem very out of date or don't make sense with what I'm seeing. Can you please direct me to a recent tutorial of how to set up Kyma to osculator (and prefertably to a DAW like cubase if that is somewhere). There are just bits and pieces around and I can't make sense of it. Thanks

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    Hi Guy,

    You are right, the manual has not been updated and the old manual pages have been incidentally removed. You can find the old documentation here:

    In fact, OSCulator can send messages to Kyma through the firewire port, like some sort of MIDI messages but much much more precise. This communication is not bi-directional though because of a technical limitation. YOu can also send notes whose pitch is updated continuously, which unlike MIDI is very cool.

    Basically using the Kyma CC and Kyma Note event is very simple and works just like the MIDI CC and the MIDI Note events. Once you've mastered how to send control changes, you'll know how to do that with Kyma.

    If you want to use Kyma messages through firewire, there is no need for a specific configuration. All you need to do is to plug you computer to the machine (which anyways is need to use Kyma). Optionally, you can tell OSCulator where is your Global Map file located. This is very useful if you want to see the names of the hit variables displayed in the OSCulator menus.

    Once last hint about Kyma CCs: if you want to use the Wiimote, it is much recommended to have a look at these pages on SSC's website:

    So that's about sending firewire messages to a Capybara or Pacarana.

    The Pacarana supports OSC messages natively. The benefit of using OSC messages is that you can communicate bidirectionally with Kyma, for example when you change a value in the VCS it will send an update to the mapped origin. The downside it that you have to plug your computer and Pacarana to a network switch, also it does not work with Capybaras.

    You can therefore use OSCulator to route OSC message to a Pacarana, or to send natively supported devices' OSC messages to a Pacarana's OSC port (like the Wiimote, Space Navigator, etc.).

    About your question about setting up OSCulator and Kyma with a DAW, I am not exactly sure why you would need OSCulator, do you have a more specific question?


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    thanks I will read thru this. I'm just trying to send ccs from my DAW to kyma, nothing too fancy. I've seen custom kyma commands in it that weren't discussed in the tutorial. I'll look thru it all. If I can make it work I'm happy to buy and support your app

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    What hardware do you have?

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    paca rana using it's own fasttrack midi+audio i/o , and a mac pro running nuendo with ssl hardware.

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    Alright, then!

    To send MIDI CC from your DAW to your Pacarana, you don't need OSCulator, unless you want to reduce the clutter with cables. Simplest way would be to send from a MIDI port on your computer to a MIDI port on the Pacarana (provided the audio interface it uses has a MIDI port).

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    yea you're right I want to be clever and do it directly c(-:

    I also wish it could be done with audio properly like a vst interface or a plogue interface or a rewire interface or ANYthing so I don't have to use 2 sets of hardware. It's CrAzY

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    Ah right, I forget this :
    OSCulator has a handy way of routing MIDI sent to OSCulator directly via OSC.
    Using this you won'tneed to use MIDI interfaces to have your DAW communicate with the Pacarana via MIDI.

    Please check out this post:



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