Hello there,

ANy futuristic DJ's here that use iPad as a midi controller with Serato Scratch live?
Here is my set up, with all the 'buttons' that work perfectly.


Obviously I didn't focus on the one causing problems.
List of the buttons that are inactive:
- push "PLAY" button,
- push button "enable/disable" the effects (he strenght button for effect workd but not the NO/OFF),
- push "mute" for sampler sounds,

(I have tried and it worked for one session weeks ago and not anymore !!!!! so weird!!).
I have tried using TOGGLES instead of PUSH, but it doesnt do.
Would you have any tip to give me?

PS: another type of bug
- the OUT of the loop selection doesn't work, for 'IN' it's ok the green selection starts good and when i press OUT the song goes back to the beginning of the track. !!!!

pS2: here is the same post on Serato's forum : http://serato.com/forum/discussion/660241