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Thread: Presets oddness

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    Presets oddness


    First off, thanks, OSCulator has been a useful program for me as I try
    to use some wiimotes to create music via Ableton Live (I purchased a license a couple weeks back).

    I've been using version 2.12-beta5 (20120305), as I have some newer
    wiimotes with motion plus enabled that require your updated connection
    code (as described in this thread
    ). Unfortunately, I believe I may have revealed a bug with the

    To replicate the bug, I was trying to setup 2 presets for both
    approaches to using a d-pad (as described in this thread

    - I started with a new/empty osculator page, with 1 wiimote connected
    - from the initial Default preset, I configure up and down to have
    duplicate entries (I cut the example in half, from 4 to 2 tracks)
    - I click on new preset from the drop-down
    - I rename the new preset to "preset_midicc"

    - I now duplicate that preset again (for the alternate OSC routing) method
    - I rename the new preset (Preset (3)) to "preset_osc"''

    - on the new preset_osc, I delete the up/down buttons, removing those
    duplicates, and then re-create them

    # experience bug now
    - if I select "preset_midicc" - I don't see my previous midicc configs
    for up/down
    - if I select "preset_midicc" AGAIN - I see some of my previous midicc configs

    The situation deteriorates from here, making presets a bit
    challenging to use.

    Thank you for the feedback.


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    Hi Federico,

    Thank you very much for this detailed description this very useful.
    Could you please share the oscd file with me so I can see exactly what is happening? Don't hesitate to send it to my email address: camille at osculator dot net.

    Also I would like to know what system version and computer model you were using.



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    Thanks for the prompt response and feedback (both online and offline).


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