Hi there,

I am pretty new to Osculator and wanted to ask if its possible to connect two Laptops (Macbook Pro`s) via cable and make them talk to eachother via Osculator. Wifi would be also ok but I would prefer a cable connection which should be more stable for the period of two weeks. Its for an art installtion. Thats the reason why it should run over two weeks. The setting would be very simple. The first Laptop is sending out 8 OSC messages throuhg a self-written (not by myself) C# programme. On the second Laptop would be Osculator and Logic installed. The laptops should be connected through cable as mentioned. Osculator translates the OSC messages from the first laptop into midi messages for Logic on the second laptop. Within Logic the 8 OSC/Midi messages should simply modulate the on-board EQ. Thats it. 1 OSC/Message = 1 EQ in one of the 8 Audio channels. Does that make sense?

I really would appreciate any help and suggestions on this. Maybe there some existing patches out there.