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Thread: connect two Macbooks with a simple OSC programme (C#), Osculator and Logic via cable?

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    connect two Macbooks with a simple OSC programme (C#), Osculator and Logic via cable?

    Hi there,

    I am pretty new to Osculator and wanted to ask if its possible to connect two Laptops (Macbook Pro`s) via cable and make them talk to eachother via Osculator. Wifi would be also ok but I would prefer a cable connection which should be more stable for the period of two weeks. Its for an art installtion. Thats the reason why it should run over two weeks. The setting would be very simple. The first Laptop is sending out 8 OSC messages throuhg a self-written (not by myself) C# programme. On the second Laptop would be Osculator and Logic installed. The laptops should be connected through cable as mentioned. Osculator translates the OSC messages from the first laptop into midi messages for Logic on the second laptop. Within Logic the 8 OSC/Midi messages should simply modulate the on-board EQ. Thats it. 1 OSC/Message = 1 EQ in one of the 8 Audio channels. Does that make sense?

    I really would appreciate any help and suggestions on this. Maybe there some existing patches out there.



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    Hi Martin!

    There are many threads on the forum about this subjects, here are a few from which you can get inspiration:

    Using the Ethernet interface is a good idea for a fixed installation. I would suggest you turn off Airport on both computers.

    Also, you should read the first chapter the "OSC Routing" chapter in the manual :

    Both chapter contain important information so you will better understand how OSC works.

    Finally, OSCulator 2.12 (currently in beta) uses a new protocol for more reliable OSC data transport (OSC over TCP), which could be of interest to you. FYI, I will release a new beta release at the end of the week.


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    Hi Cam,

    thanks for the quick reply! I will look into that soon.

    On this website under "OSC enabled software or device like the Lemur" is everything I would need or would be more complex?

    or would be more like this...

    I mean i will not use TouchOSC as explained but a other programme which sends OSC messages (Laptop 1). So the process would be basically the same like with TouchOSC, right? Laptop 2 should receive it via OSCULATOR and send it over to Logic....both within the same Laptop.

    I already read the first chapters ... thanks for the hint.



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    Basically yes, use the quickstart.

    The Lemur supports multiple OSC targets, so you should not need to forward events from one computer to another. That should make the configuration more simple.

    Come back to me if you encounter any problem.

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    sounds good, thanks

    I just connected my iPhone to Osculator via TouchOSC to see how it goes ... works perfect ... especially with "WiFI network that survives system restarts" ... have to see next week how this will work through cable network with two laptops. I cannot test this at the moment.....unfortunately. I hope Osculator will recognize incoming OSC messages automatically ... like with TouchOSC.

    But one other thing: I dont understand this part of the tutorial "Configuring the feedback from Logic to the iPhone" ... see here:
    For what reason do I need this. Everything worked properly before I stopped at this point. So I am really not getting it

    Thanks a lot


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    Hey Martin,

    If you are going to use your iPhone on a performance, I would recommend that you use a WiFi router with proper antennas because the internal Mac's WiFi adapter is rather weak.

    You should have no problem using the Lemur with OSCulator, however keep in mind that the Lemur's messages don't have the same names (e.g. /1/fader1), so you will have to re-create the mappings when you'll switch to Lemur.

    The tutorial you are referring to addresses the problem of having a bi-directional communication between your iPhone and Logic. To make things more simple I would start trying things in one way and see wether the bi-directional communication is essential for the project.



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