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Thread: Moving objets in TouchOSC

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    Moving objets in TouchOSC


    Moving an object in TouchOSC with OSCulator is quite simple.

    button1 -> osc routing -> button2/position/x argument (100,200)

    The button2 will pop up in one side and in the another

    So far so good. But, Is it possible to visually show the movement? I mean, see when it slides from one point to another.

    I tried with arguments such as [100-200] in a fader and things like that, but without success.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hello Axel!

    I have no idea how you could do that in TouchOSC. It does not support animations, and OSCulator can not trigger messages from a timer...

    I think this could be a nice feature request for TouchOSC.


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    Hey Camille,

    Look at this:

    In the facebook page the TouchOSC guy said: "This has been possible since v1.7.3 btw"
    and in the youtube comment "I sent position values to TouchOSC from Processing and OscP5."

    What do you think?


    edit: maybe the time of movement can be done with a fader or rotary for example.
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    Fun !
    The answer is in the comment: the animation is made from OSC messages programmed in Processing.
    What do you mean by "the time of movement"?

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    You could use a fader as the "time message", like a regular scrolling bar. When I move up the fader the button goes down and vice versa. And the speed of movement is determined by the speed of my finger moving the fader.

    I made this splitting the fader in different messages and each message assigned to the position of an objet.

    But I was wondering if this can be done in a simpler way, something like 0 to 127 (in a fader) = y 100 to 200 (in another objet) for example.

    I have another question (I promise this is the last one xD)

    I have 8 pages in TouchOSC and 8 presets OSCulator per page. In each one I have a button that sends a message to 0 via localhost to all objects on each page (something like an "switch off" per page). So far so good.
    Now, on the first page I want to assign a button to send a message to 0 via localhost to every "switch off" in all pages. (something like a "master switch off") So, I did it in the same way as the others, but doesn't work.
    You can't send this kind of messages through presets?

    Sorry about the length of the message and I hope I explained well with my poor English.

    All the best

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    Hi Axel,

    I am really sorry but I don't see a solution to your question other than resetting every controls from the preset that is calling the reset message.



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