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Thread: newbie question about tcp/udp ip protocol

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    newbie question about tcp/udp ip protocol

    I apologize for this question: The manual goes in great details in the IP client server mechanism but I'm missing this information:
    Is osculator listening on a TCP port or UDP port or both? I have a small that that broadcast UDP packets (OSC messages) but I can't get osculator to see the message. Am I missing something? From netstat, I would say that osculator opens a TCP port only.
    I have osculator working with Control or TouchOSC (on iOS) but I *think* that they both establish a TCP connection to osculator (please confirm).

    Question: Does osculator catch OSC UDP messages?

    Many thanks for your help


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    Hi Pierre !

    Up to version 2.11, OSCulator listens on UDP sockets only, as do the vast majority of OSC enabled software and devices. Next version will bring support for OSC over TCP for more reliable communications.

    Control and TouchOSC only work with the UDP protocol.


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