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Thread: Osculator not responding (or receiving message) // message don't 'pop light'

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    Osculator not responding (or receiving message) // message don't 'pop light'

    Hello Camille,
    Hello Everyone,

    Still using Serato Scratch live / Touch oSC on iPad / Osculator.

    My iPad is sending message that don't go three osculator (and obviously not Serato): every time i touch a button in the iPad nothing is 'lighted' like usual on Osculator..

    My wifi is working because just before touch OSC managed to upload my new layout. the Icon 'running' is green on the bottom left of Osculator. WHen I click directly on the Osculator button with my mouse, it has a direct effect on my serato (meaning the 'link' between Osculator & Serato works). The key of the problem is really between; iPad and Osculator.

    Any idea how I could understand what's going on?
    Lock input should be notched or unotched?

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    problem solved...

    I use to change my wifi settings for my own private 'DJ set up', and then needed on the iPad Touch OSC go to :CONNECTIONS/ FOUND HOST (1) / 'name of your wifi network' : 8000 (Osculator) and RE-CLICK on it...


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