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 +====== How to synchronize Kyma Timeline with Logic Studio and the Pacarana ======
 +It can be useful to synchronize the Kyma timeline with Logic Studio'​s sequencer.\\
 +This tutorial describes the steps on how to send the MIDI Timecode data to the Pacarana as OSC events by using OSCulator as a MIDI to OSC bridge.
 +  * Start OSCulator
 +  * Start Kyma
 +  * Start Logic
 +    * In Logic, go to '​Preferences'​ and select '​MIDI'​
 +    * Click on Sync tab
 +      * Click on 'MIDI Sync Project Settings'​ tab (at bottom of screen)
 +        * Under '​MIDI'​ Tab, check '​Transmit MTC' under 'MIDI Time Code'
 +        * Choose '​OSCulator In (8000)'​
 +        * Under '​General'​ tab, set Bar Position to ''​1 1 1   ​1''​ plays at SMPTE   ''​00:​00:​00:​00.00''​
 +    * In Kyma, open a timeline with some Sounds in it
 +      * Click on the 'Free Running/​TimeCode'​ drop down button and select 'Time code: MIDI or SMPTE'
 +    * In OSCulator, open the '​Parameters'​ window
 +      * Under the '​Input'​ tab, set the MIDI input to '​Raw'​
 +      * Under the 'OSC Routes'​ tab, create a new routing by clicking the '​+'​ button at the bottom
 +        * Select the '​Default Host' for this routing to your Beslime-XX Pacarana address
 +        * Click OK
 +    * In Logic, hit '​Play'​
 +      * In OSCulator, a '/​midi/​raw/​osc-in'​ message will be displayed
 +        * Assign the 'Event Type' to 'OSC Routing'​
 +        * Assign the '​Value'​ to '​Default:​ beslime-XX.
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